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Stay SANE (Seminar Accelerating Network Endeavor)

Generating income, enabling social recognition, empowering businesses, taking art to the next level, placing an entire neighbourhood and beyond an entire world in the palm of your hand.


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AUXILIUM Not-For-Profit Project NAIN (The Neighbourhood Alliance Initiative)is a team of executives of global tech companies and VC funds, blockchain and crypto experts, smart contract & Web3 developers, product managers and engineers, data system experts, AI researchers, E-commerce & retail experts, market research analysts, financial analystscreative directors, artists, designers, 3D CGI experts, fashion designers, fashion & luxury goods industry experts, consultants in various fields plus … one retired person. 


AUXILIUM team are all professionals with precise specialization dedicating their time, their financial resources and their expertise to bringing you information deemed useful and meant to do one thing: providing you tools to monetize your social recognition, your own business and passion under one simple condition that together we make the world a more socially and environmentally responsible place. 


The seminar will start out with a 45min speech session followed by a 15min Q&A. Offline mingle session will be followed after the Q&A.

Speech: 30-40min

Q&A (pre-polling) : 15min 

Mingle: 45min


• Seminar language will be Mandarin.


Address: iisuArt Space, shop 201, No.233 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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