Art Course

How does it work in art industry?

The doorways that professional collections should know about art ecology, market and investment

Art Ecology

How to see clearly the trend of contemporary art

Investment in the Auction Market (1)

Investment in the Auction Market (2)

Art investment and practice

Start from here

Take you through the important periods of modern and contemporary art, and acquiring art via political and historical background

Western Modern Art: Europe in 19th Century

The second class Western Modern Art: Europe and America in the 20th Century

Western Modern Art in 20th Century America

Global Contemporary Art in the 21st Century

Modern and Contemporary Art in China

Stay SANE (Seminar Accelerating Network Endeavor)

Generating income, enabling social recognition, empowering businesses, taking art to the next level, placing an entire neighbourhood and beyond an entire world in the palm of your hand.

Embark on a journey of opportunities from understanding the basics of Web 3.0.

How can NFT 2.0 possibly change your life?

Why and how does phygital take your life and business to the next level?

Have you thought about being a KOL and monetizing your influence?

We enable monetization opportunities in the neighbourhood and solutions for your business.

Come be part of a money-making community.

Every one can appreciate art start here

Appreciating Three Major Arts from Artist's Perspective

Cultivation and Appreciation of Art and Culture (1)

Cultivation and Appreciation of Art and Culture (2)

Cultivation and Appreciation of Art and Culture (3)

Six methods of appreciation of China's literati paintings

Freedom cannot be pretended

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