Miki Lam Ka Yee

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Lam Ka Yee Miki(b.1993) is a Hong Kong artist who received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2020, majoring in painting. Her work focuses on the connection between cityscape and city folks, portraying the city from an objective and abstract perspective, while the details in the works contain her subjective feelings and memories, the combination of objective and subjective experience is my own understanding of the city. She received Talent Development Scholarship by Hong Kong Education Bureau and has been interviewed by various media. Now she has established Nonstop Studio in JCCAC ,with alumni, curating exhibitions and art-related projects with alumni, aiming to provide more exposure and exhibition opportunities for emerging artists. Her work was shortlisted for The Signature Art Prize2021 and cooperated with local art director. Her work was collected by private collections in different countries.

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Mixed material
Miki Lam Ka Yee
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